City of London National Guard Lodge No. 3757

The Grand Temple, Freemasons Hall, London WC2
Grand Patron, Royal Masonic Hospital
Patron Lodge of R.M.B.I.
Patron, Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys
Patron Lodge, New Masonic Samaritan Fund
Vice Patron Lodge of the MMC London Fire Brigade Appeal

The City of London National Guard lodge is a friendly Lodge with a distinguishable military culture, ethos, and history.

The formation of the Lodge can be traced back to the creation of the City of London National Guard Volunteer Corps during the First World War. The role of the National Guard was to protect the City during World War I by digging trenches, guarding vulnerable points, manning anti-aircraft guns, and releasing younger men for service abroad by taking on tasks that would otherwise have been done by regular soldiers.

The National Guard had a strong social side with a significant portion of its members being Freemasons. This led to the formation of a dedicated Lodge which was formally consecrated on 12 November 1915.

While the National Guard itself was disbanded in 1920, the Lodge continued and remains today as a permanent memorial to the valuable work of the National Guard and its wartime experiences.

For many years membership of the Lodge was only open to serving or past members of His Majesty’s Armed Forces. That requirement no longer applies and, while around 50% of the current Lodge membership still have a military connection, the Lodge welcomes visitors and members from all professions.

Indeed, the Lodge’s warm reception to its visitors is one of its hallmarks, with many subsequently going on to become Joining Members, as is its calm and welcoming approach to ritual and ceremony.


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